Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

This outputs your stuff in a folder called ‘packageName’:

tar -xvzf packageName.tar.gz


This can help tell you what version of linux or at least linux kernel you are running:

uname -a


Find a process and kill it:

Run this ‘ps’ command to find the process, in this case the MySQL Daemon “mysqld”.

ps -ax | grep mysqld

On a Mac, you will likely get output that looks like this:

  114 ??         3:59.55 /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld –user=_mysql –basedir=/usr/local/mysql –datadir=/usr/local/mysql/data –plugin-dir=/usr/local/mysql/lib/plugin –log-error=/usr/local/mysql/data/mysqld.local.err –pid-file=/usr/local/mysql/data/ –port=3306

Then, run kill with the process ID of the process you wan to kill:

kill -9 processId

In this case:

kill -9 114

Edit/List Cron Jobs

crontab -e
crontab -l

Download file with curl (-o is the destination on your machine)

curl -o file.tar.gz

Network/DNS inspection


Print all environment variables



Print one environment variable

echo $PATH

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