• GIT Commands Cheat Sheet

    A cheat sheet of git commands that I use the most, and also of the ones I use the least (which is really much more important to have on a cheat sheet).

  • How to Add a Root Certificate to the Java Truststore on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

    When developing a java web app on Mac OS Catalina, you may have a service that makes an API request to a secure URL. If you don’t have that secure (https) URL’s root certificate in your Java truststore, the call will fail with this error: The solution is to put that secure URL’s host’s root more

  • Handy MySQL Commands

    Log into mysql: (enter password on next prompt) Show all databases on server: To reset an auto_increment field to 1: To load a local csv file into an empty existing table: (This assumes you’ve already created your empty table with the same number of fields that your csv file has.) To backup/dump a mysql db more

  • WordPress Security: How to change the WordPress database prefix

    This is an example of ‘security through obscurity‘. This assumes you’ve already installed WordPress. Backup DB Make a backup of your WordPress database. Edit wp-config.php Edit this line in file wp-config.php: $table_prefix = ‘wp_’; so that ‘wp_’ has some short random string made of up of lowercase letters and numbers appended to it, followed by more

  • Virtual Box Tips

    Mount a shared folder on a linux (Debian) guest: Make sure you have already installed the Virtual Box Guest Additions. Set up a ‘transient’ folder via the Virtual Box GUI (Devices > Shared Folders) In a terminal window in the linux guest, run: sudo mount -t vboxsf name_of_shared_folder_in_VBox ~/directory_in_guest_os/