• Compilation of links to software trends data

    Trends mined from Github… Github’s own self analysis: https://octoverse.github.com/ EPAM.com’s Open Source Contributor Index: https://solutionshub.epam.com/OSCI https://www.gharchive.org/#resources (at the bottom of that page there is a list of github data mashups) Javascript Spreadsheet Libs: https://jspreadsheets.com/ (a sign that javascript is considered viable for enterprise apps) …from YCombinator… https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/ – list of all companies funded by YCombinator more

  • MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 2 port detects monitor but display is dark

    One of my 2015 Mac Book Pro’s Thunderbolt2 ports was detecting my monitor, but not sending it a video signal. I tried all the usual suggestions to fix this: reset NVRAM, reset SMC… But the issue turned out to be caused by a bent pin on the bottom of the Thunderbolt 2 port. I had more

  • Delay a Grails controller’s response

    Sometimes, for testing or development, you need to slow down an ajax response from the server. In the Grails framework, to delay a controller’s response, do the following: In the action you want to delay, insert: Thread.sleep(5000) as in: def index() { Thread.sleep(5000) … do some work… render … some response } where 5000 is more

  • Nginx Cheat Sheet

    Test and restart an nginx configuration change The reload will not happen if the test fails. sudo nginx -t && service nginx reload or, on a bitnami image: sudo nginx -t && sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh restart nginx   Redirect all subdomains to the top level domain ie: http://www.mydomain.com -> http://mydomain.com In your DNS management system, you’ll more

  • Insert HTML after every Nth comment: use the “end-callback” argument

    I did not find any examples of using WordPress’s “end-callback” argument for “wp_list_comments”. It is documented by WordPress here. Here is an example of how to use it in child-theme code to add custom HTML after each top level comment. This example preserves comment hierarchy, ie: nested replies. In your child theme directory, create a more