• LERNA Cheat Sheet

    This adds the “@tiptap/starter-kit” npm package to all of the packages in your lerna repo that end with “-spa”. Docs: add & filter-flags Installs all packages and hoists hoistable ones, and creates symlinks from local packages to packages that use them. Runs only once everything has been committed, by default on master branch only. Bumps more

  • Apple has jumped the shark

    Apple Polishing Cloth

    Apple has outdone itself in the “let’s charge 5 times more than everyone else” department.

  • GIT Commands Cheat Sheet

    A cheat sheet of git commands that I use the most, and also of the ones I use the least (which is really much more important to have on a cheat sheet).

  • How to Add a Root Certificate to the Java Truststore on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

    When developing a java web app on Mac OS Catalina, you may have a service that makes an API request to a secure URL. If you don’t have that secure (https) URL’s root certificate in your Java truststore, the call will fail with this error: The solution is to put that secure URL’s host’s root more

  • Handy MySQL Commands

    Log into mysql: (enter password on next prompt) Show all databases on server: To reset an auto_increment field to 1: To load a local csv file into an empty existing table: (This assumes you’ve already created your empty table with the same number of fields that your csv file has.) To backup/dump a mysql db more