• WordPress Security: How to change the WordPress database prefix

    This is an example of ‘security through obscurity‘. This assumes you’ve already installed WordPress. Backup DB Make a backup of your WordPress database. Edit wp-config.php Edit this line in file wp-config.php: $table_prefix = ‘wp_’; so that ‘wp_’ has some long random string made of up of lowercase letters and numbers appended to it, followed by more

  • Recursion Examples

    Recursion in programming can be a mind bender.  Here are two examples of recursive functions coded in JavaScript.  These examples are dependent on lodash methods. Hopefully these code patterns are useful to you. I find them useful as starting points when I have to code some new recursion.   This function, “omitDeep” deletes an object more

  • GIT Commands Cheat Sheet

    A cheat sheet of git commands that I use the most, and also of the ones I use the least (which is really much more important to have on a cheat sheet).

  • Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

    This outputs your stuff in a folder called ‘packageName’: tar -xvzf packageName.tar.gz   This can help tell you what version of linux or at least linux kernel you are running: uname -a   Find a process and kill it: Run this ‘ps’ command to find the process, in this case the MySQL Daemon “mysqld”. ps more

  • When Making a Directive for AngularJS

    Worth Reading:  https://docs.angularjs.org/guide/directive Especially this at the very bottom of that page: By ‘expose an API’, they mean ‘add some this.doSomething() {…} functions to the controller that are reachable from outside the controller’.  Like public class methods.  If you’re not needing any of those, don’t add a controller to the directive.