• When Making a Directive for AngularJS

    Worth Reading:  https://docs.angularjs.org/guide/directive Especially this at the very bottom of that page: By ‘expose an API’, they mean ‘add some this.doSomething() {…} functions to the controller that are reachable from outside the controller’.  Like public class methods.  If you’re not needing any of those, don’t add a controller to the directive.

  • Error starting Grails: com/springsource/loaded/ri/ReflectiveInterceptor

    If you are getting this error when trying to start a Grails Project in Intellij: Error starting Grails: com/springsource/loaded/ri/ReflectiveInterceptor try deleting the ./.slcache folder at the top level of your project: projectname/.slcache This problem came when I was trying to update an app to a newer version of Grails.  The above solved the problem for more

  • Windows Command Line Cheat Sheet

    Change Drive from Command Line You are here: D:\You want to go here: C:\ Type just: C: and hit enter. You are here: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\You want to go here: C:\ Type: C:\ and hit enter. Notice you have to type the back slash in this case. Running Commands Run a command whose path has spaces in more

  • How to put an Azure App Service Certficate on an Azure VM running Neo4J

    Assumptions: You are running Neo4J Community Edition 3.2.1 or greater on a Linux VM on Azure You have a wildcard SSL cert purchased from Azure and stored in an Azure keyvault You can run Powershell ISE on a Windows machine Software Requirements: Windows OS, (10, in my case) with the following software installed on it: more

  • How to type accents é, è, ñ, ü, ê and other special characters on your Mac keyboard

    Problem:  You’re on an English keyboard on a Mac, and you need to type letters with accents, like é, è, ñ, ü, ê or other special characters, like ç, å, æ, or œ. Solution:   Hold down the vowel key for a little bit longer than usual, and a hint with accented versions of your vowel more